Easy Ways To Make Money As A Teen

You may think that you’re to young to get a job or that you don’t have enough time to work or that no-one has pets for you to walk. However making money as a teen is easy. These are my TOP FIVE ways to make money as a teen.

1) Selling Stuff

Have an old t-shirt you don’t wear but all your friends adore? Sell it to them. Sell everything you don’t want to friends, family or on Facebook groups. Image result for selling clothes facebook group

2) Make Money through Surveys

With websites such as Swagbucks you can earn vouchers just by watching videos, playing games and surfing the web. They’ve already given away over £105,000,000. It’s so easy, the most difficult part is deciding what to spend your money on! I have already written an article about Swagbucks and how to make the most money from it. If you want to check it out click Here!

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3) Buying and Reselling

Probably the best and easiest example of this is sweets. We’ve all seen the 60p Bars of chocolate and the £1 multi packs. It’s a lot cheaper to buy in bulk (multi packs and such) than to buy things separately. Buy multi-packs of sweets from pound/dollar stores then sell the individual packs slightly cheaper than stores do.

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4) Doing Odd Jobs

You’ve probably all heard this but it works! Ask your mum if she needs the lawn mowed, ask your Grandma if she needs her dog walked and ask your neighbor if he needs his car washed. You can get up to £100 pounds a day by walking to places and doing odd jobs.

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5) Write E-Books/Kindle Books

Spend a month writing a kindle book about something you like, then publish it. Say you sell it for £2.99 and get one sale per day. 99p goes to Amazon but that means you get £2 a day, forever! PRO TIP. have multiple E-Books, say ten, out at once. Then if they all sell for £2.99 you’ll get 20 pounds a day FOREVER without having to do extra work!

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How I made money on Swagbucks

Swagbucks have given away (yes, I said given) over £105,543,531 to date. To get a slice of that juicy sum, all you gotta do is watch videos, play games, search the web and other easy tasks to get points which you can save up and cash in. I’ts easy to sign up, and if you use my referral link you’ll get an extra 300 point bonus. To sign up, click here.

I’ve earned money from doing almost nothing and i’m sure you can too. Below, are the best ways to earn Swagbucks.

1. The Daily Poll

The Daily Poll is located on the Swagbucks to do list. All you need to do is answer poll about how you listen to music or whats your favorite pizza and you’ll earn 1SB (Swag Buck) just like that. It will only take about 2 seconds of your day.

SB Daily Poll

2. Searching the Internet

Swagbucks has an internet browser which gives you SB just for using it. PRO TIP. Use it for ALL you internet searches.

Image result for swagbucks browser

3. The Swag Button

Swagbucks have a toolbar that awards you a one time bonus for installing and a daily bonus when you use it.

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4. Swag Codes

Swag codes are codes given out by Swagbucks on their social media and on the site which can be redeemed for easy SB.

5. Swagbucks Inbox

The Swagbucks inbox is located on the top right hand corner of the Swagbucks toolbar. It contains Swag Codes and limited offers.

SB Inbox

6. Swagbucks Goals

Swagbucks set daily goals that when achieved give bonus SB. The best part is, once you complete your first goal, they give you a second one to earn even more SB.

7. SwagBucks Tv

Swagbucks Tv lets your earn up to 150SB per day just from watching videos.

8. Swagbucks Games

Need to relax from all that stressful money making, play Swagbucks games. You get awarded 2SB every 2 games. That may sound like a lot of work but just start a game then go back and start again.

swagbucks games

9. Use the Mobile App

Swagbucks have an app dedicated to making earning easy. It lets you earn an extra 50SB from videos. PRO TIP. run videos while you do other stuff.

swagbucks app

10. Follow Swagbucks on all your Social Media

They frequently release Swagcodes on their accounts so if you follow them you’ll get the low down on extra SB

Those were my Top 10 ways to earn on Swagbucks. With making money so easy, all you need to do is decide what to spend it on. You can easily earn £1,000’s per year.

  1. Searching each day = 50 SB a week = 2,600 SB per year
  2. Redeem 10 coupons each week = 100 SB a week = 5,200 SB per year
  3. Take The Daily Poll = 365 SB per year
  4. Do One Survey Each Day = 60 SB = 21,900 SB per year
  5. Earn 100 Bonus Swagbucks per Month = 51,200 SB per year
  6. Play 2 Games per day = 2 SB = 730 SB Per Year
  7. Complete Daily Offers = 2 SB = 730 SB Per Year
  8. Watch Videos Each Day = 20 SB = 7,300 SB per year
  9. Play Videos on the Mobile App = 50 SB = 18,250 SB per year
  10. Shop through Shop & Earn once a month = 100 SB = 1,200 SB per year
  11. Earn Daily Goal Bonuses = 3 SB per day = 1,095 SB per year




What does Donald Mean for Money

As you all probably know Donald Trump has been recently elected as President. As the world holds it breath to see what happens next, some of us wonder what does that mean for our money. One thing is immediately obvious, if you bet on Trump in the election, you could have won $1.5 million. This is the amount one lucky Betfair user obtained on the night of the election. But that doesn’t affect me? you say. Well the exchange rates must?

Well, if you live in the UK you’ll know the pound has been dropping since Brexit. However the Pound is still stronger than the Dollar. If Donald strikes a trade deal with the UK, as he promised the pound will increase in value. However many British experts have warned the UK not to expect favors as he is focused on “Making America great again” and has criticized free trade deals.

These warnings are in-spite of Trump’s trade adviser Dan DiMicco claiming that the UK was Americas “friend”, that they would get priority and that they quit the EU for good reasons.

What about UK stocks? Well, the London stock market dropped by 3.2% the day after the Brexit vote. The Pound had one of its largest one day declines dropping by 9% to $1.33. However the UK stock market has since rebounded.

But I live in the US, you might say. Well, when Donald was elected, the Dollar plunged in comparison to other currencies. However, on going problems with the Sterling helped the Dollar back onto its feet.

US stock markets have dropped since Donald was elected. However it is statistically beneficial for the States stock markets for a democrat to be in power. There is an average gain 0f 9.7% compared to an average gain of 6.7% if a Republican is in power.

I am The Frugal Teen and I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to check out my website and read my other articles.

My main resources for this blog were the CNNForbes and the Mirror .