Easy Ways To Make Money As A Teen

You may think that you’re to young to get a job or that you don’t have enough time to work or that no-one has pets for you to walk. However making money as a teen is easy. These are my TOP FIVE ways to make money as a teen.

1) Selling Stuff

Have an old t-shirt you don’t wear but all your friends adore? Sell it to them. Sell everything you don’t want to friends, family or on Facebook groups. Image result for selling clothes facebook group

2) Make Money through Surveys

With websites such as Swagbucks you can earn vouchers just by watching videos, playing games and surfing the web. They’ve already given away over £105,000,000. It’s so easy, the most difficult part is deciding what to spend your money on! I have already written an article about Swagbucks and how to make the most money from it. If you want to check it out click Here!

Image result for swagbucks rewards

3) Buying and Reselling

Probably the best and easiest example of this is sweets. We’ve all seen the 60p Bars of chocolate and the £1 multi packs. It’s a lot cheaper to buy in bulk (multi packs and such) than to buy things separately. Buy multi-packs of sweets from pound/dollar stores then sell the individual packs slightly cheaper than stores do.

Image result for multi packs of sweets

4) Doing Odd Jobs

You’ve probably all heard this but it works! Ask your mum if she needs the lawn mowed, ask your Grandma if she needs her dog walked and ask your neighbor if he needs his car washed. You can get up to £100 pounds a day by walking to places and doing odd jobs.

Image result for odd jobs

5) Write E-Books/Kindle Books

Spend a month writing a kindle book about something you like, then publish it. Say you sell it for £2.99 and get one sale per day. 99p goes to Amazon but that means you get £2 a day, forever! PRO TIP. have multiple E-Books, say ten, out at once. Then if they all sell for £2.99 you’ll get 20 pounds a day FOREVER without having to do extra work!

Image result for self published kindle books


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